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Introducing the crown jewel of the Darioush estate

Darioush is a story of the harmonious blending of traditions - a culture of graciousness and thoughtfulness and one rooted in the ideals of individualism and opportunity.

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2021 Signature Cabernet Sauvignon

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2021 Signature Cabernet Franc

$90Diamond Icon
Bottle Image of 2023 Signature Viognier

2023 Signature Viognier

$60Diamond Icon

2022 Signature Sauvignon Blanc, Sage Vineyard

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Book from Persia to Napa

From Persia to Napa

$60Diamond Icon

2021 Signature Shiraz

$90Diamond Icon
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$14Diamond Icon

2022 Signature Chardonnay

$60Diamond Icon
Bottle Image of 2020 Duel

2020 Duel Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz

$75Diamond Icon
2011 backgammon set

Alexandra Llewellyn x Darioush Travel Backgammon Set

$1,800Diamond Icon

2020 Signature Merlot

$74Diamond Icon
Bottle Image of 2020 Pedar Shiraz

2020 Pedar Shiraz

$70Diamond Icon
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