Sally Khaledi


Second-generation Proprietor Sally Khaledi has lived her life steeped in the rich winemaking traditions of two cultures. Born in Iran to Darioush and Shahpar, Sally was raised in California, where she eventually developed a deep appreciation for the region’s wines. While Champagne was her first love, the close bond she has with her father is reflected in their shared devotion to Bordeaux. After college, Sally ventured out to forge a successful career in her other passion, health and fitness, but her proudest accomplishment is her daughters Tatiana and Ashley.

In 2021, Sally formally joined the team at Darioush to carry on her family legacy. Her love of travel and fashion finds expression in sourcing unique curios for the Art + Object boutique, while a flair for exquisite pairings lends itself to curating remarkable tasting experiences. Sally cherishes the opportunity to spark mind-expanding discoveries and enhance the Darioush guest experience at every step.