The Durand Wine Opener

This wine opener is perfect for that special bottle of wine you have been patiently aging in your cellar, the Durand removes older and fragile corks whole and undamaged.

The Durand Wine Opener $150
Image of the durand
Durand in cork sleeve
Durand 2-piece together
Durand 2-piece
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An essential tool for wine collectors, and our pick of tools of the trade.

Named after world-renowned sommelier, Yves Durand, this wine opener is exceptionally helpful in removing older and fragile corks, whole and undamaged, from your aged and valued wines. The Durand is a two-part wine opener with consistent performance that will get out even the most uncooperative of corks. Each part works together to grab the cork and remove it intact.

Instructions for use are printed on the inside of the reusable wrapper that encloses the cork presentation box of the Durand.