Olive Oil Duo

This set features two distinctive Darioush Extra Virgin Olive Oils side by side with our Persian-style roasted pistachios. Arbequina is mild and smooth in texture, while Ascolano offers a robust, aromatic, and peppery flavor profile.

Darioush works closely with olive orchards in northern California to produce fresh, expressive, and aromatic olive oils. As with the grapes we grow and vines we tend, our olive farmers are committed to respect and care for the land.

Olive Oil Duo
Olive Oil Duo
Additional Information

In 2022, we carefully bottled two distinctive olive cultivar– Arbequina and Ascolano.

The oil extracted from the Arbequina cultivar has a mild profile with a soft and delicate finish. The oil’s charm lies in its captivating flavors of Fuji and Granny Smith apples, with hints of ripe banana. This is a smooth and gentle oil with compelling richness and balance.

Intense and spicy, Ascolano is a vigorous cultivar originally from central Italy. The sub-cultivars of this olive can either be tenera (soft) or dura (hard). Ascolano is ideally suited for success in northern California, where the climate allows it to thrive and achieve its intense and expressive character. This Olive Oil is unfiltered.

We've wrapped these delights in a presentation box and included 8 ounces of our Persian-style roasted pistachios.

Both Olive Oils should be stored at room temperature.