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Bottle of Darius II 2018

Darius II

The crown jewel of the Darioush estate, Darius II is a refined, age-worthy collectible which captures the singular and exceptional qualities of each vintage from our Napa Valley vineyards.

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V & A Museum

The Visual Hallmark of Darius II

In the spirit of sharing, Darioush and London’s Victoria and Albert Museum have joined together to feature ancient traditions in Persian Art. With collections unrivaled in their scope and diversity, the time-honored works selected from the V&A archives span thousands of years of creativity and capture the craftsmanship and integrity of Darius II.

The V&A is the world’s leading museum of art and design. Established in 1852, its founding principle was to make works of art available to all, to educate working people and to inspire designers and manufacturers. The museum and its collections have continued to grow into one of the world’s great resources for the study of art and design; the V&A now houses a permanent collection of 2.3 million objects spanning 5,000 years from ancient times to present day.

Spring tapestry
The Art


Observing the natural world first-hand and influenced by a study of historical patterns, London-born John Henry Dearle rose from Shop Assistant to Chief Designer of the legendary firm, Morris & Co. under the close tutelage of William Morris himself. Known as the father of progressive pattern in the Victorian era, Morris revived many practices lost to the passage of time— emphasizing the use of quality raw materials, natural dyes, and hand processing in textile and various art forms.

Dearle carried on this artistic ethos, and was deeply influenced by the traditional, ancient patterns of Persia. His undulant motifs convey strong symmetry with flourishes of color, aptly suited to the technique of weaving. Dearle’s 1890s masterpiece, Apple, designed for Morris & Co. now resides in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, and is prominently featured on 2018 Darius II.

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2018 Darius II

Fortitude and resilience best describe the 2018 vintage of Darius II. Following the devastating 2017 wildfires, we decided to forgo bottling our estate’s crown jewel for the first time ever. Perhaps it is Mother Nature’s need for redemption that the 2018 growing season was idyllic, a textbook season, for producing exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon.

With dozens of beautiful barrel lots to choose from, our final blend included a small contribution of Sage Vineyard Cabernet Franc complementing the gorgeous expression of Cabernet Sauvignon from our winery estate’s Apadana Block.

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Demonstrating extraordinary composure, energy, and depth, 2018 Darius II is teeming with dense, vibrant flavors of cassis, black fruits, minerals, and a savory sage and wild thyme component.

Tasting notes

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The captivating aromatics consist of crushed blueberries, bay leaf, medium-roast coffee, and candied violets. Expressive in its youth, with refined, succulent tannins, 2018 Darius II will undoubtedly reveal further detail and elegance for the patient collector over a decade or two.


92% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% Cabernet Franc


Aged 22 months in 80% new Taransaud Chateau Traditional French oak barrels


Hope Goldie


Apadana Block - Darioush Estate, Napa Valley | Sage Vineyard - Mount Veeder


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Gold and blue tapestry
The Art


The first towns and cities in history grew up along the Silk Roads, where great empires exchanged goods, ideas, languages, and faiths across the thousands of miles that linked the Pacific and Mediterranean with Central Asia and Persia. The 14th-century textile selected to adorn 2016 Darius II exemplifies this rich history and cultural exchange. Woven in Iran with silk and gold thread using a traditional 2-person drawloom, it reflects design influences from the Far East and Italy.

Luxurious fabrics were a staple commodity in international trade at this time, this textile was destined for Europe where it was fashioned into a ceremonial church garment which ensured its preservation, making it one of the largest surviving 14th-century Iranian textiles of its kind.

Previous Vintage

2016 Darius II

The 2016 vintage marks the fifth consecutive year of superb quality for Napa Valley grape growing—a winemaker’s idyll. This vintage’s prestige lies in its small yields of significant density and concentration with nuanced varietal character and soft, ripe tannins. Fruit grown from our winery estate, at the southern end of the valley floor, revealed textbook ripeness and flavor development. The cooler mountain-side lots— namely Sage Vineyard atop Mount Veeder, and contributing Cabernet Sauvignon-sources from Pritchard Hill, Spring Mountain, and Howell Mountain benefitted from longer hang-time and slow, even ripening on the vine.

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“The 2016 Darius II sparks both hedonistic and cerebral appreciation by exuding profound scents of preserved plums, blackberry compote, blueberry pie...cigar box, Indian spices, fragrant earth, truffles and licorice. Full-bodied, bold and decadently fruited in the mouth, the palate delivers rich black fruit and spicy layers with a firm yet velvety frame and an epically long, earth-laced finish.”

Robert Parker Wine Advocate | Rated 99

Tasting Notes

Summoning incredible depth and density with its exquisite opaque color, 2016 Darius II bares its mountainous origins with lovely aromatics— crushed violets, Kirsch, crème de cassis and incense-laced black fruits. Primary flavors of black raspberries, wild blueberries and warm plums usher in an earth-laden core of black truffles, fresh tobacco, licorice and steeped oolong tea.

While luscious and full-bodied, the wine exhibits an effortless tension between decadent fruit, earth tone and vibrant acidity. It’s poised and polished, with a certain finesse that carries across its sturdy frame of fine, seamless tannins. Lively, spiced notes of garam masala rise to punctuate the impressively long finish.


81% Cabernet Sauvignon, 11% Merlot, 8% Cabernet Franc


Aged 20 months in 100% new Taransaud Chateau Traditional French oak barrels


Steve Devitt - winemaker, Michel Rolland - consulting


Sage Vineyard – Mt Veeder, Apadana Block – Darioush Estate, Pritchard Hill, Spring Mountain, Howell Mountain

Wine Fact Sheet


Discover the Art

Since our very first vintage in 1999 a unique work has been selected to adorn Darius II, each highlights an ancient tradition in Persian art.

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Choose the cup bearer and the wine. Drink. Sing like the starling or the nightingale.


Choose the cup bearer and the wine. Drink. Sing like the starling or the nightingale.