Rob deOcampo

Chief Financial Officer

Rob deOcampo’s path to the wine industry is one marked by alternative thinking and altruistic intentions. While in graduate school, he had a hunch that there was a more cost-effective—and probably more pleasant—way to enjoy beer. He set up shop as a home-brewer, producing craft lagers that satiated both his palate and his budget. He went on to work as an analyst for a venture capital firm that financed Boston Beer Company, and had his eureka moment: he wanted to partner with entrepreneurs in the specialty beverage industry.

Over the years, Rob has had a hand in a number of vineyard projects throughout the West Coast, from Santa Barbara County, through Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties, the Willamette Valley, and into central Washington state, producing grapes for some of the world’s finest wine producers. In 2020, Rob joined the Darioush family as our Chief Financial Officer, leveraging his extensive experience to improve our efficiency, productivity, and prowess. His partnership and belief in the Darioush vision has been essential in providing us a framework for flourishing.