Membership Policies & Shipping

As a benefit of the First Offering Reservation, members receive flat rate shipping on all wine purchases through the reservation, at the winery and online, all year. Effective February 2019, members receive a flat rate of $20 per package on shipments to California and $25 per package for all other US destinations. We encourage you to review our updated return and shipping policies here.

Shipping Schedule

release months
Chardonnay (Signature Whites Membership) releases January 2023
Chardonnay (Single Varietal Membership) releases January 2023
Merlot (Signature Reds Membership) releases February 2023
Merlot (Single Varietal Membership) releases February 2023
Cabernet Sauvignon (Signature Reds Membership) releases April 2023
Cabernet Sauvignon (Single Varietal Membership) releases April 2023
Cabernet Sauvignon, 1.5-Liter (Large Format Membership) releases April 2023
Cabernet Sauvignon, 3-Liter (Large Format Membership) releases April 2023
Cabernet Sauvignon, 6-Liter (Large Format Membership) releases April 2023
Cabernet Sauvignon, 9-Liter (Large Format Membership) releases April 2023
Duel (Single Varietal Membership) releases May 2023
Viognier (Signature Whites Membership) releases May 2023
Viognier (Single Varietal Membership) releases May 2023
Pinot Noir (Single Varietal Membership) releases October 2023
Signature Cabernet Franc (Single Varietal Membership) releases November 2023
Shiraz (Signature Reds Membership) releases March 2024
Shiraz (Single Varietal Membership) releases March 2024
Darius II (Single Varietal Membership) releases September 2024
Darius II, 1.5-Liter (Large Format Membership) releases September 2024
Sage Vineyard Red Wine (Single Varietal Membership) releases October 2024

First Offering Policies

Membership Enrollment

Your First Offering account will be created within a week of enrollment, and membership benefits become effective with your first member-related wine shipment. New members who elect to receive a ‘welcome’ shipment of current release wines should expect delivery within two weeks of the enrollment date. Please advise us if you require special arrangements prior to this inaugural shipment. Your Darioush membership will remain active year after year; there is no end date.

Placing a Membership on Hold

As a First Offering member, you may place your membership on hold for a maximum of 6 months or skip two consecutive release shipments (whichever comes first). Once the holding period has concluded, your membership will automatically reinstate, and deliveries will resume in accordance with the release schedule [see above]. Memberships placed on reoccurring holds/skips will be subject to cancellation.

Modifying or Canceling a Membership

To modify or cancel your First Offering membership, please email us or call 707-603-3920. Cancellations received before the collection of payment for a specific wine release will be made effective immediately. Cancellation requests received after payment (regardless of shipment status) will be effective following delivery of the paid order. Returned orders as a result of membership cancellation are subject to return shipping and handling fees. For more information, please refer to our return policies.

Membership Billing & Shipping Procedures

Since membership is tailored to your individual wine selections, please refer to your customized release schedule by logging in to your account page. Note that email notifications are sent in advance of every wine release, giving you the opportunity to update account preferences including payment method and delivery address, or make special arrangements should you be traveling or unable to receive delivery.

If no changes are requested, Darioush will proceed with billing the authorized credit card on file, and the wine order will be shipped within one week unless another delivery date has been arranged. For your privacy, receipts are not enclosed with wine shipments but are emailed prior to shipment.

Please remember, alcoholic beverages may be sold and delivered only to persons who are at least 21 years of age. By law, an adult signature is required at the time of delivery, as such, we recommend shipping to a business address. Common carriers: UPS, Fed Ex, and GSO will attempt delivery 2-3 times before returning packages to the sender. Undeliverable shipments will be subject to a return shipping/handling fee. Reshipped packages will be at the expense of the member. Please refer to our return & shipping policies for additional information.

Member Flat-Rate Shipping

Darioush members receive a special $20 flat rate per package on wine shipments to California and $25 per package to other US destinations. Note: members are subject to return, handling and reshipment fees when applicable. For purchases made on, member flat-rate shipping will be applied at checkout; simply follow on-screen instructions to select the flat rate eligible shipping service for your wine order.

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