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Culture of Wine Experience

This first-of-its-kind experience blends rich history and wine exploration in an afternoon befitting the culturally curious.

Nowhere is the connection between wine and culture more evident than in the history of Persia. Discoveries dating to 5,000 B.C. in the Zagros Mountains of Northern Iran show that winemaking emerged as permanent communities replaced nomadic life and a new age of wine culture began. The history of wine accompanies the very concept of hospitality; inspiring art, poetry, culture, and winecraft for millennia to come.

This unique experience features limited and winery-exclusive wines paired with dishes prepared by our chef.

days by request
time 12:00 pm
fee $275

Duration: 2 hours

Please contact our Concierge at 707.257.2345 Opt. 2 for availability and to secure your reservation.