2010 Darioush Signature Cabernet Sauvignon * Napa Valley

Inspired by the power and grace exhibited in the great wines of Bordeaux, Darioush’s cooler-climate, southern Napa Valley vineyards produce wines with extraordinary depth, character and poise.

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2010 Darioush Signature Viognier * Napa Valley

Our estate grown Viognier derives its unique style from a four-acre vineyard site in the Oak Knoll appellation. The cool micro-climate of the vineyard allows this temperamental varietal to slowly develop robust and concentrated floral and fruit characteristics. The fruit, and resulting wine, is minimally handled to express its pure and fragrant nature.

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2010 Darioush Signature Shiraz * Napa Valley

Crafted to balance the fruit complexity, structure and age-worthiness of this ancient varietal, Darioush Signature Shiraz continues to demonstrate the remarkable potential of our cool vineyard site in Southern Napa Valley. Grown from a combination of both old-vine Australian Shiraz and Northern Rhone clones, the finished wine stays true to its inherently spicy and seductive spirit.

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2010 Darioush Signature Merlot * Napa Valley

The unique terroir of our rocky, higher-elevation Mt Veeder estate combines a cooler marine influence and exceptional sun exposure to naturally concentrate, ripen and reduce yields of this vigorous Bordeaux varietal—providing Merlot fruit with greater depth, texture and aromatic complexity.

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2010 Darioush Signature Cabernet Franc * Napa Valley

Grown from our cool vineyard sites in southern Napa Valley, Cabernet Franc develops slowly to reveal its very distinctive flavors of vibrant dark fruits, earth and spice. This classic Bordeaux varietal contributes intense fruit and dark earthy components to our final blend of Signature Cabernet Sauvignon each year. On its own, Cabernet Franc possesses great power with poise.

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2010 Darioush Signature Pinot Noir * Russian River Valley

Now in our sixth vintage, Signature Pinot Noir is grown in Russian River along the highly acclaimed ‘Gold Ridge’ soil series on Vine Hill Road. We are fond of this locale as it yields wines with the keenly defined structure and multi-layered flavor truly representative of the heart of the Russian River Valley appellation. Equally old world in tradition, a large portion of the berries are whole cluster fermented in open top tanks to encourage fruit complexity and spice-oriented aromatics.

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2010 Darioush Signature Chardonnay * Napa Valley

Vintage after vintage, the cooler climates of Darioush’s southern Napa Valley estate and two historically-renowned Chardonnay vineyards in Los Carneros produce wines of character and complexity. Precision, richness and seamlessly integrated layers of ripe stone fruits, vibrant citrus and delicate mineral tones are hallmarks of our style.

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2010 Estate Caravan Cabernet Sauvignon

Caravan shares the pedigree of Darioush’s Signature wines, but displays more ripe, saturated fruit with an elegantly textured finish. Caravan Cabernet Sauvignon is comprised of a unique blend with Merlot, Cabernet Franc or Malbec from our estate vineyards— lending more depth and complexity of flavor to the finished wine.

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