Winemaker Steve M. Devitt
Winemaker Steve M. Devitt

Steve Devitt is Winemaker/Vineyard Manager of Darioush.

Steve manages all winemaking and viticulture activities at Darioush. His understanding of microclimates, the local soils and the wines they produce enable him to create Estate wines that best express the character of each individual vineyard. As a winegrower, he believes that the best winemaking begins in the vineyards. Steve personally manages the Estate's extensive new vineyard developments and all aspects of the Estate's wine production.

Focused to the limited production of red Bordeaux varietals and small lots of Chardonnay, Viognier, and Shiraz, Darioush employs minimal intervention or 'ancien' winemaking techniques. The Darioush Estate is committed to hand harvesting and handsorting each grape cluster prior to crushing. This is a meticulous and labor-intensive method, but it ensures that only the finest, fully matured grapes are used in our Darioush wines. This approach includes small lot whole cluster pressing, destemming, cold soaking, extended maceration, barrel-to-barrel racking and bottling without filtration.

This minimalist approach preserves and expresses the true varietal character of Darioush Signature wines. Our main focus is to grow a classic red Bordeaux blend that displays the finest qualities of the Estate's unique soils and microclimate.

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