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Quarterly Review of Wines ~ 23rd Annual California's Best of The Best

QRW_logo.jpg QRW- Summer Issue, 2007

'California Cabernet Sauvignon has never been better. As evidence, we offer the following 25 wines. There is not one among them we wouldn’t feel comfortable serving side by side with the best Bordeaux. They are truly “The Best.”'

2004 Darioush Signature Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley. Four Stars. 'Lush, ripe, juicy, round, blackberry, chocolate and nutty oak flavors.' $74.

Four Stars: Excellent: Wines of exemplary character and quality – benchmarks of their type.

Russian River Pinot Noir Receives 90 Points ~ Wine Spectator


Wine Spectator, June 15, 2007

2004 Darioush Signature Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley - Rated 90 | $48.

'Concentrated and well-oaked, with muscular plum and blackberry fruit that's well-centered.'

2004 Signature Cabernet Sauvignon Awarded 95 Points by Connoisseurs' Guide

logo_wine_connoisseurs_guide.gif Connoisseurs' Guide to California Wine - April, 2007

3stars_CGCW.gif "A world-class wine, superb by any measure, the top 1% to 2% of all wines tasted."

"Darioush Khaledi has proven to be the master of the rich, fleshy, full-bodied style, and once again, his winery delivers a bottling with a virtually unrivalled combination of intensity, drama and hedonistic pleasure. In its youth, the wine is at once both open and brooding, and its invitingly sensual aromas and flavors, while seeming to ask for early enjoyment, are far from fully developed. One can easily partner this lush wine with juicy filet mignons or a standing rib roast, but putting it in the cellar for half a decade or more seems the better idea." 95 points | $74.

sym_1.gif"Limited Production." sym_B.gif"Medium red, balanced, good depth, medium tannin, beef and lamb." CG.bmp "Drinkable now. Further bottle aging can improve this wine."

2004 Signature Merlot Awarded 93 Points by Connoisseurs' Guide

logo_wine_connoisseurs_guide.gif Connoisseurs' Guide to California Wine - March, 2007

2stars CGCW_1.gif "A highly distinctive wine. Likely to be memorable."

The winery hallmarks of generous oak, unabashed ripeness and high extract are fully apparent here, but it is voluptuous, keenly defined fruit that moves the wine to the head of the class. Richly appointed with ripe cherries and laced with sweet, creme brulee qualities from first to last, it never crosses into overripeness and maintains remarkable balance given its out-and-out opulence. It invites near-term drinking, but a few years of cellaring will bring even more polish and complexity. 93 points | $44.

sym_1.gif"Limited Production." sym_B.gif"Medium red, balanced, good depth, medium tannin, beef and lamb." Cellar.gif "Cellar for future drinking. Wine will improve with bottle aging."

On the Town With Jeff Morgan: Where to go in Wine County? He has a few ideas…


San Francisco Chronicle - January 21, 2007 -  by Aidin Vaziri

Darioush Winery, "Persia meets Napa Valley in this phenomenally original and exotic winery. Not only is the architecture stunning but so are the wines."

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