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The Vintage Chronicler

This truly unforgettable gift that pairs our flagship wine, 2018 Signature Cabernet Sauvignon with a fully refurbished and Darioush branded vintage Polaroid 600 camera. This gift offers instant gratification at its most authentic.

A textbook vintage for Cabernet Sauvignon, highlighting the varietals regal combination of richness and refinement, this 100% varietal offering boasts youthful fruit intensity with impeccably polished tannins.

Their perfect blend of form and function may be ageless, but to make sure everything works like new, the team at Retrospekt carefully refurbishes each Polaroid by hand from the inside out to ensure another lifetime of photo taking. Gift ships with 1 pack of instant color film.

This camera has experienced decades of life before being refurbished by Retrospekt. As such, it will show some signs of past use; regardless, the end result is an excellent vintage restoration that is guaranteed to work properly.

  • The Vintage Chronicler

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