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The Olive Oil Amuse

Like wine, olive oil’s quality and taste are influenced by geographic factors, the timing of harvest, types of varieties/cultivars, and the care of growers and producers.

Darioush has worked closely with several olive orchards in Yolo and Placer counties, California, to produce expressive and aromatic Extra Virgin olive oils.

The six-item Olive Oil Amuse set includes one bottle of each of the following oils and wines, along with a complimentary 7oz tin of Persian style roasted pistachios.

2019 Darioush Extra Virgin Olive Oil 'Ascolano'

2019 Darioush Extra Virgin Olive Oil 'Coratina'

2019 Signature Viognier

2018 Signature Cabernet Franc

2018 Signature Cabernet Sauvignon

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