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Paradise Lost: Persia from Above

Paradise Lost: Persia from Above includes spectacular images of ancient citadels, desert ruins, and rice fields spreading like a vast patchwork quilt in a river delta.This unique photographic project resulted in a near-complete documentation of the major archaeological sites and important landscapes in the region. There are many unexpected sights, such as the bird's-eye view of a crowded ski resort in the Elburz Mountains, within easy reach of Tehran. Iran's densely packed cities, such as Bushehr, located on the Persian Gulf, are elegantly captured by aerial photographer Georg Gerster.

In her introduction to this book, Iranian-born writer Maryam Sachs lists some words borrowed from the Persian language by English speakers, including azure, bazaar, gazelle, magic, musk, tapestry, scarlet, narcissus, and paradise. These words offer insight into the country's landscape, inhabitants, and traditions - influences that have indirectly shaped the photos in the book. Paradise Lost vividly brings to life a place, time, and culture that few people outside of Iran were able to witness.

  • Book - Paradise Lost: Persia From Above

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