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Fornasetti Profumi Monkey Collection

A painter, sculptor, and interior decorator, Piero Fornasetti is celebrated as one of the most original and versatile artists of the 20th century. Inspired by imagery and color, Fornasetti created a distinctively whimsical aesthetic with an emphasis on variations of core themes.

The Scimmie collection finds its core theme in the towers of colorful goblets and books which serve as the setting for a troop of mischievous drunken monkeys. The irreverent illustration is sure to incite amusement and conversation, making this candle a perennial favorite.

100% vegetable-based wax scented candle, in Fornasetti's signature Otto scent, with notes of Mediterranean herbs, cedarwood, balsam, and incense. Made by master candle makers at Cire Trudon atelier.

The small, lidded candles measure 6" tall x 3.5" in diameter, with a burn time of 60 hours. The giant candles measure 7" tall x 6" in diameter, with a burn time of 240 hours. The lidded incense box contains 80 incense sticks.

  • "Scimmie" Monkeys Giant Candle
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  • "Scimmie" Monkeys Lidded Candle
  • "Scimmie" Monkeys Incense Box

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