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Fornasetti Profumi Face Collection

A painter, sculptor, and interior decorator, Piero Fornasetti is celebrated as one of the most original and versatile artists of the 20th century. Inspired by imagery and color, Fornasetti created a distinctively whimsical aesthetic with an emphasis on variations of core themes.

The most famous of these themes was the face of Italian opera singer Lina Cavalieri. Fornasetti discovered the singer in a 19th century magazine, and immortalized her in over 500 works featuring variations of her image, primarily designed in a stark black and white color palette with occasional pops of vibrant reds or yellows.

This collection features variations of this iconic theme, in a signature scent with notes of thyme, cedar, incense, and lavender. The lidded candles measure 6" tall x 3.5" in diameter, with a burn time of 60 hours. The incense set contains 80 incense sticks.

  • "Labbra" Checkerboard Lips Lidded Candle
  • "L'Ape" Bee Lidded Candle
  • "Bacio" Incense Set

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