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Alexandra Llewellyn x Darioush Travel Backgammon Set, 2011 Darius II Edition

At Darioush, we look to the past for inspiration, seeking modern interpretations for arts lost to the passage of time. In this product collaboration, inspired by the floral, blue and red motif of our 2011 Darius II label art, we've partnered with celebrated games designer Alexandra Llewellyn to produce a bespoke, limited edition travel backgammon set. Alexandra designs these one-of-a-kind boards using the ancient technique of marquetry; meticulously crafted out of hundreds of pieces of individually cut wood veneer, this board is both a piece of art and a luxurious game.

Made of natural laurel burl wood with brass findings, this one-of-a-kind treasure is expertly handcrafted and handpainted. The semi-precious stone playing pieces are made of white marble and red stone, and are stored in a leather box together with precision dice and doubling dice. When opened this box becomes dice shakers and a tray for bearing off. The set comes in a black branded slip case.

The board measures 31cm x 32cm x 3cm when open. The playing pieces are 23mm diameter, the dice measure 14mm x 14mm.

Designed and handmade in the UK.

  • Travel Backgammon Set: 2011 Darius II Edition

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