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Comme des Garcons Red Series Candles

Comme des Garcons' red series is a collection of fragrances created using red flowers, red trees, red fruits and red spices. We adore these candles for their distinct fragrance personalities and their portable size. 75g, 30+ hour burn time.

SEQUOIA evokes the majestic power of redwood trees. Notes of red rum, mahogany, Chinese agarwood, and California redwood. Masculine, earthy, musky.

ROSE is a chai tea served in an English garden - feminine sweetness with unexpected spice. Notes of Bulgarian rose, Moroccan spice, raspberry pulp and geranium. Feminine, floral, spicy.

PALISANDER is an ancient sea trader's finest, most exotic treasures, sourced from the furthest corners of the globe. Notes of Brazilian rosewood, red cedar, Japanese red chili, Persian saffron and myrrh. Wood, spice, incense.

  • Sequoia Candle
  • Rose Candle
  • Palisander Candle

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