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Cire Trudon Candles

Founded in 1643, Cire Trudon bears the distinction of being the oldest operating candle manufacturer worldwide, with a storied tenure as royal candle makers for the courts of Louis XIV, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, and Napoleon. Today, Cire Trudon references its history with scents inspired by people and locations of the past, while remaining rooted in the present with collaborations with contemporary figures in art and design.

Available in the following scents, each in the classic 9.5 oz green glass vessel.

DADA: vetiver tea, mint and chamomile. Inspired by the dizzying mind expansion of the surearlist art movement.

TRIANON: white flowers, rose, musk. The fragrance of Marie Antoinette's country life dreams.

MADEMOISELLE DE LA VALLIERE: tuberose, jasmine, ylang ylang. The intoxicating perfume of a king's lover.

ABD EL KADER: spearmint, glove, ginger. Very simply, Moroccan mint tea.

BYRON: wood, brandy, spice. Handsome and romantic, inspired by English poet Lord Byron.

  • Dada Candle
  • Trianon Candle
  • Mademoiselle de la Valliere Candle
  • Abd El Kader Candle
  • Byron Candle

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