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24 Hour Clock by The Thing Quarterly

For its twentieth issue, The Thing Quarterly partnered with visual artists Tauba Auerbach to produce this rare clock, which tells time over the course of 24 hours, as in military or astronomical time. The clock runs from midnight to midnight, with the hands circling the face only once per day.

Auerbach explains that her relationship with time has always been troublesome, finding difficulty in the concept of time's passing and the constraint of schedules. Her 24-hour clock offers a unique perspective, in a clock that quite literally looks different. Though the vehicle is different, time's passage remains the same, offering the user an opportunity to take pause and interact with the clock anew.

Designed by Tauba Auerbach for The Thing Quarterly; handmade in New York City by Assembly. Clock measures 10.5" in diameter.

The Thing Quarterly is a periodical for a new generation. Quarterly "issues" are developed by guest artists, writers and creatives, taking the form of useful objects, featuring uncommon perspectives to amuse, bewilder and inspire. Tauba Auerbach's 24 hour clock is The Thing Quarterly's 20th issue.

For more information on the innovative work of The Thing Quarterly, we suggest Chronicle Books' publication, The Thing The Book.

  • The Thing Issue 20, 24 Hour Clock
  • The Thing The Book

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