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Mr. Natural Dice Game by The Thing Quarterly

Mr. Natural is a dice game that has quickly spread through Los Angeles' creative scene, grassroots-style from one friend to another. It is a simple game with outrageous outcomes, ensuring banter, frivolity, and contemplation of concepts like chance, will, luck and skill. Designed by LA-based visual artist David Korty in collaboration with The Thing Quarterly. Set includes carrying bag, instruction booklet, and six dice handmade by Oakland ceramics studio Atelier Dion.

The Thing Quarterly is a periodical for a new generation. Quarterly "issues" are developed by guest artists, writers and creatives, taking the form of useful objects, featuring uncommon perspectives to amuse, bewilder and inspire. David Korty's Mr. Natural is The Thing Quarterly's 23rd issue.

For more information on the innovative work of The Thing Quarterly, we suggest Chronicle Books' publication The Thing The Book.

  • The Thing Issue 23, Dice Game
  • The Thing The Book

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