During her last year of undergraduate study, Jessica put her faith in fate when choosing to pursue the wine industry over a career in medicine. Arriving in Northern California from New York in 2000, she honed her leadership and relationship building skills through recruitment of MD/PhD executives for biotechnology start-ups, a career-defining position which taught her the power of human intention to spur innovation. Jessica joined Darioush in 2003 to develop the winery’s hospitality, vision, culture of service and retail business. Having established Darioush as one of Napa Valley’s next-generation destination wineries delivering distinctive wine experiences, Jessica’s career mirrors the winery’s arc. Today as Vice President of Retail Sales and Marketing, the client experience is a reflection of her values and perspective – she cherishes the element of discovery. Choosing the path less worn; she is a homegrown talent, a curious sort, a truth-seeker, a steward of careers and our tastemaker.

"Our goal is to be beloved craftsmen of beautifully made, world class wines and thoughtfully curated wine experiences. We take great care, and approach our work with a distinct and honest sense of beauty. We genuinely love what we do and strive daily for that enthusiasm and authenticity to be reflected through our Napa Valley winery and in daily interactions with clients, vendors and friends."