2008 Signature Pinot Noir

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"Here the fully-ripened, richly oaky Darioush style is layered on top of Russian River Valley Pinot Noir, and despite what might, on the surface, appear to be a mismatch, the combination worked out entirely handsomely. To be sure, this is no quiet, nuanced Pinot but a deep, rich, plush mouthful that might have gone over the top save for the wine's excellent balance and fleshy, near velvety texture. Its boldness and latter palate tannins call for service with dishes like Boeuf En Daube."  sym_1star.gif  Rated 90

sym_1.gif"Limited Production."   CG.bmp "Drinkable now. Further bottle aging can improve this wine." sym_B.gif "Medium Red. Balanced, good depth, medium tannin. Beef and lamb."

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